Monday, June 21, 2010

AC4C Baby Afghans on their way to Naval Relief

This first group of afghans are some that I sent to Polly around March/April. See if you can find some of your squares in these pictures! The second bunch are the afghans I just mailed off to Naval Relief. I am still joining squares (I have hundreds yet!), but I am taking it easy for the summer. I said I wasn't going to join ANY for the summer, but I keep joining anyway! I can't leave it alone! LOL

The following afghan squares were Shirleys!

Here are the dozen baby afghans I just sent off to Naval Relief. Hope you see some of your squares in them.

These squares are red, white and blue, but came out looking orangy in the photo!

I hope you all feel I have done us proud connecting your squares into baby afghans! I try to make them unique and something I would be happy to receive.