Monday, January 4, 2010

Miss Shelby Lynn

I made this cute little hat and skinny scarf and when Shelby seen it she just had to have it, and had to get her picture taken it in. She is such a ham!
She wanted me to show her how to crochet the other day so she can make her own doll clothes. So I gave her a piece of yarn and a hook, but she didn't want me to tell her what to do. She wrapped the yarn around the hook and was really proud of it, even though it wasn't really anything. She makes me laugh, she is so stubborn, just like a Tilton!
And she is so smart. She loves dinosaurs and she is going to be a palaeontologist, and she can tell you all about them, their names, what they are, what they eat. I was going to buy her a dinosaur for Christmas, but they were more than what I had allowed for the kids, so I told her I would buy her one for her birthday. And she told me that would be just perfect! lol They were so cool, they move and walk and make dinosaur noises, very lifelike. She will love it!

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