Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas Bazaar

I did my first craft bazaar this past weekend. It was held at the Elizabeth Township Community Center. It was their first time holding one and the price was great, so I went for it. They didn't have a big crowd and most people were just looking, not buying, but I did sell some things. Sold 2 Camo hats, some baby hats, an afghan, some gloves, some cards, some glass ornaments, and quite a few candy cane ornaments and Grinch Poop.

Here are some photos of my tables. The first one is pictures of my afghans. I really thought I would sell more of them. Also shows my Crocheted edge fleece throws, hats, gloves, and assorted Christmas stockings.

More afghans, baby afghans, and crocheted hangars.

This picture shows shopping lists and note pads.

This shows my candy cane ornaments. They sold very well.

These baskets contain some wreath ornaments, some round chipboard ornaments, reindeer food to sprinkle on your lawn, and a basket of assorted poops... reindeer poop (raisins), snowman poop (mini marshmellows), and Grinch poop (green peanut M&M's). Poop never tasted so good!

These are glass ornaments. They contain rolled glittered Christmas scrapbook paper, and ribbon hangers. Also a basket of glittered Snowflakes and glittered Icicles. All very pretty!

The Center is very nice, and they have a very nice exercise facility. I am thinking about joining. They have a Nu-Step machine, which I used in rehab for my back, and I loved it. The Y doesn't have one and I haven't found anyone else with one either.

I may also be able to teach a crochet class for begineers. I think I would like that. I need to check it out, but not until after Christmas anyway, too busy until then.

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